About GearInspec

We have been involved with mills in specialist capacities for significant periods of time, and see this as an exciting niche to provide the industry with a service that meets its needs of maximised plant availability minimised cost and tangible and understandable reporting of the condition of their equipment.

We are hands on practitioners with significant business skills and this is a good opportunity to maintain a level of practical field based skills, and provide the industry with service and reporting to a standard that has not been seen in the industry for a long time.

Inspection Technology and the Standard of Reporting

Maintenance and reliability of milling systems is a specialist field with few considered experts available and no maintenance and reliability practitioners carrying out the inspection and testing that must occur if the mining organisation is to satisfy their insurers and their underwriters. The task of non destructive testing has fallen to companies that are structured specifically for testing – but do not have the specific knowledge of the minerals processing equipment which they must inspect.

The current techniques of gear inspection require that the gear is cleaned of all lubricant for inspection, either magnetic particle or die penetrant inspection techniques are used.  The only available record from either of these techniques is observation by the technician and photographs of any discovered anomalies.  There is currently available better technology for the inspection of conductive metal mechanical components the particular system that is used by Gearinspec Pty Ltd has not been used in Australia before.  The system does not require the arduous cleaning regime that is typical of the inspection systems currently in use.